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As we all known, the massage will relieve fatigue and refresh the spirit when you’re exhausted and in poor mental state. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of health care is also constantly improving.

Some people will choose physio-shops to ask masseurs for massage, and some people will choose purchase We Optimum World massage chair for long-term private massage. Obviously, both methods can help to achieve the effect of relieving fatigue. Then, do you know the difference between massage chair massage and manual massage?

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist,which is better? We are going to analyze it with you below.

  • The principle of action

The principle of the massage chair is to use mechanical rolling action and mechanical force to massage. To a large extent, it is the embodiment of high technology as an intelligent home.  Massage Therapist is to use people’s mastery of acupuncture points to perform massage.   The effect both of them achieve is to dredge the meridians, make blood circulation, and relieve fatigue.

  • Different massage techniques

The massage chair can massage the human body with dozens of massage techniques such as Shiatsu, percussion, kneading, tapping, rubbing, patting, heating, acupressure, etc. You can enjoy it by selecting a specific program through remote control. People always recommend and praise a nice massage chair with the words, “feels like a real masseur” like human touch” etc. And they do. As you see, the We Optimum World massage chair ZG does not have a gorgeous and fashionable appearance, but it feels so pretty good.

For the We Optimum World, a new team, a good user experience is far more important and useful than a good-looking appearance. They focus on massage techniques. The We Optimum World massage chair ZG is a 3D massage chair, but it offers a better 3D massage with a more suitable built-in massage rolling track mode. Same outside, better inside.

Massage Therapist will use their flexible hands and brain to offer massage. A professional and sophisticated masseur have abundant knowledge about human acupoint and high-level skills of kneading, tapping, and patting, etc. And can be further divided into hundreds of methods on this basis. Randomly enter a “Tuina, Gua Sha, Cupping, Instant Pain Relief Mobile Clinic”, it will surprise you.

  • The cost of massage is different.

On average, a massage chair massage only costs a few or a dozen dollars, and the cost of the massage therapist is relatively higher, generally, a massage is several hundred dollars.  

  • Time flexibility is different.

The massage time of the massage chair is more flexible. You can message whenever you have time, and you can enjoy the comfort of massage at home or at the office; If you wanna a massage therapist, you have to choose a massage shop and make an appointment with a masseur. Massage time is not flexible and convenient. And if you meet a not-professional masseur, it‘d be a terrible experience.

After analyzing the difference between a massage chair and a massage therapist, we think, you have known the pros and cons of both. At present, the massage chair cannot replace the masseur, but the function of the massage chair is enough to meet people’s daily needs. For most people, the massage chair is more suitable for their life.