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All-in-one Machine Fully Assembled

Easy to use, no installation. Unbox it and plug the power supply cable into the back of the chair, then it is ready to use

Easy to move

Two casters at the bottom make the chair (net weight approx. 172lbs) easily pushed by one person. You can move it to the desired position wherever you want.

We Optimum World

Space Saving

Chair's base slide forward when reclining back to save space, only about 5 inches of space behind the backrest at any given position.

Versatile Choice for the Room Decor

We Optimum World ® black classic versatile chair is an affordable bold and versatile choice for the room decor, without breaking your budget.

One-button Zero Gravity Design

Enjoy zero gravity relaxation with the ALLJOY® massage chair, as if lying on the clouds or outer space. One-button control, three angles' options of the Zero Gravity Design. The massage chairs back recline to level your back and thighs, and the moveable footrest helps to extend the knees and elevate the feet slightly above your heart. Then your weight is evenly distributed throughout the massage chair, which creates a sense of weightlessness by taking pressure off your spine and causing your muscles to relax and alleviating any stress you may be holding in your neck and back. The max Zero Gravity angle, in particular, helps with lymphatic drainage, the return of blood to the heart, and digestion. Regular use can help improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain and even ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

We Optimum World
We Optimum World

Automatic Thai Stretch & Massage Modes

Without a doubt, the Thai stretch is a gentle massage mode, a kind of long deep stretch. Your body is passive during the Thai stretches, which helps loosen muscles, open joints and move energy. It is an excellent option for those with serious injury or chronic pain condition. It is ideal for patients who can’t have a deep tissue massage performed on them, such as anyone with fibromyalgia or people recovering from an injury. Beside the Thai Stretch mode, there are 7-Automatic modes to choose from. Every mode is a special group of the massage methods, including shiatsu, kneading, knocking, rolling, shaking, tapping, air pressure, heating etc.

Warming your ears and relax your mind with wireless music

We Optimum World team assesses and modifies the Bluetooth technology from the original, then equips the high-quality Bluetooth speaker for users to enjoy music when lying on the chair. The HD audio enables streaming music to sound immersive and so real, which makes the massage experience much more enjoyable. Outside and inside, the users not only relax their ears and body but more than relax their mind.

We Optimum World
We Optimum World

Remote control, free and easy

Whenever you wanna start or stop or change the massage mode or adjust speed and strength, everything is in your hand's control, flexibly and conveniently. One-button control, 7-Automatic modes, and more customizable massage modes for options. The users can use the remote control to select the proper function and massage intensity and massage time easily. The keys are designed and distributed in reasonable four parts with ergonomic fit. The basic function keys above, zero gravity keys following, and 7-auto modes keys next, the bottom are manual modes keys. The remote control connects the massage chair with a power cable, easy to store and grip and uneasy to slip and lose. Easy to use, no programming or setting up required. Low-cost maintenance and stable performance.

Simple Design, Compact Package

Product dimensions: When it is tilting (H*W*L): 66’’ 30’’ 38’’(1680mm*760mm*978mm) When it isn't tilting (H*W*L): 57’’30’’44’’ (1450mm*760mm*1110mm) Package dimensions: 45.3’’Dx31.5’’Wx51.2’’H (1300mm*800mm*1150mm) Entrance requirements: Minimum Door Entrance Size:31’’-33.4’’ (780-800mm) Corridor Side Entrance Size: 35.4’’-.39.4’’(diagonal line 900-1 000mm) Corridor Front Entrance Size: 39.4’’(1 000mm)

We Optimum World

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